Where in Tamarindo is the Hotel Pasatiempo located?

We are located in the center of Tamarindo but in the quiet part of town, a 5-minute walk to the beach.

What are my options should I need medical care while visiting?

Hospitals and urgent care facilities include: 

  • Farmacia Plaza Conchal, 506-2653-0121 - Doctor Office: Dr Luis Diego Herrera Fernandez, general medicine fuller811@gmail.com - Located at 400 meters from the hotel.
  • EMS, emergency center, 506-2653-1974 - Located at 4 kilometers from the hotel.
  • Private Clinic BeachSide, 506-2653-9911 - Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/beachsideclinic/ - www.beachsidecliniccr.com - Located at 12 kilometers from the hotel.
Phone & Cards

International/Prepaid calling cards and local SIM cards used in unblocked U.S. or local cell phones can be purchased at local pharmacies or supermarkets.International/Prepaid calling cards and local SIM cards used in unblocked U.S. or local cell phones can be purchased at local pharmacies or supermarkets.

Tamarindo Banks & ATM

There are 3 bank branches in Tamarindo:

BAC San Jose: Plaza Conchal, 506-2653-2133

Banco de Costa Rica: Plaza Conchal, 506-2653-1852

Banco Nacional: next door to Hotel Pasatiempo, 506-2653-0366

Each branch offers exchange services and 24-hour ATM machines. BAC is the only bank that will allow you to withdraw either US Dollars or Costa Rican colones.

Other financial services: Western Union offers money transfer services at its local office in Plaza Conchal.

Why stay with us?

Location: Quiet part of town but walking distance to everything, the supermarket is 1 minute away, there is a bank next door, the first popular bar is a 2-minute walk and all restaurants are just right there!

Tropical setting: luxurious tropical garden offers great privacy to our bungalow rooms and a feeling of being lost in nature.

All day bar/snacks: if you love to lounge by the pool, this is for you!

Facilities: an excellent holidays starts with an excellent bed. All rooms at the Hotel Pasatiempo are equipped with firm orthopedic beds and comfy pillow-tops, powerful A/C and truly hot water. We're not a five-star hotel and although we cannot avoid occasional issues, our friendly staff is always ready to make you feel at home and meet all your needs. Our #1 is value for money.

What time is check in/check-out?

Official check-in time is 2:00 pm and check-out is 11:00 am. If you require a later check-out (or an earlier check-in), please enquire at our front desk and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

How does the hotel handle late arrivals?

Not to worry, if you arrive between 8:00pm and 8:00am our night guard can check you in. He can also check you out if you leave before 8am!

What types of rooms do you offer?

We offer 3 types of rooms: Standard, Deluxe and Family Deluxe. And our rooms can be booked with or without breakfast included. Keep in mind that our kitchen staff sets the breakfast depending on the number of people staying at the hotel.

Should I book direct with you or via an online agency?

The information you find with online agencies is provided by Hotel Pasatiempo. Many clients believe that online agencies and hotels are two different entities, but in fact, online agencies use the information that hotels have provided. When you ask a question to an online travel agency, they refer the question back to us.

We prefer that our clients book direct because we get to have a chance to know them better and answer their questions directly. Keep in mind that our cancellation policy is the same whether booking with an agency or directly with us. It is not more expensive to book directly with us, and we'll give you a 6% to 10% discount if you pay in cash (percentage depends on the season).

Are posted prices all-inclusive?

Posted prices are per room and based on double occupancy. Certain rates (as shown on our website) include or exclude breakfast. Not included in the rate is the 13% national value added tax (known as i.v.i.) which is applied to all goods and services.

Do children pay the same price as adults?

— Children 3 years old and under stay for free
— Children 4 to 9 years of age pay a $10 surcharge/night
— Children 10 years of age or older pay a $20 surcharge/night (same price as an adult)

Can I request a refrigerator in my room?

All our Deluxe and Family room offer fridges. Only our standard room are not equipped with fridges.

Besides Credit Cards, what other payment forms do you accept ?

We accept payments in cash, including US Dollars and local Colones.

How's the weather in Tamarindo?

Tamarindo is a village located on the Pacific side of Costa Rica, and its  part of the Guanacaste province, the driest one in the country. We usually have rain during the months of September, October and November but it only rains very rarely during the whole day. The rest of the year, the weather is always sunny and the temperature is constant between 26 ° C (86 ° F) and 32 ° C (94 ° F). Outside the province of Guanacaste, the rainy season generally runs from June to mid December.

What is there to do in Tamarindo?

Beside the beaches, shopping, relaxing or exploring the town, the area offers a lot of excursions and activities such as zip-lines, surf lessons, monkey watching safaris, day trips to volcanoes or to Nicaragua.... Take a look at our Activities — there's something for all ages and adventure levels!

If you're wondering how many nights you should spend in Tamarindo, clients typically stay from 3 to 5 days on their first visit.

Which currencies can be used in Tamarindo?

Nearly all businesses accept U.S Dollars or Costa Rican Colones (the local currency). Many prices are advertised in US Dollars (for easy comparison) but credit card terminals will charge in Colones using the daily currency exchange rate. In Tamarindo most businesses accept credit cards including American Express. Airports offer poor currency exchange rates and charge higher commissions so it's better to change at a local bank if you require Colones.

Tamarindo Tips!

Electricity: 110V with standard North American outlets.

Water: The water is potable everywhere in Costa Rica. Just be careful when buying a drink with ice cubes in the street.

Medical: Tamarindo has emergency medical services and 3 pharmacies.

Mosquitoes: They are everywhere in Costa rica. Buy the bug spray here at the supermarket, it'll certainly be more effective!

Water restrictions: since 2014, Tamarindo has been suffering a major drought problem affecting the amount of rainfall in the Province of Guanacaste. We have invested in a large water tank to allow our guests to always have water available. We'll be reminding you upon arrival to help preserve this precious resource.